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Who to contact with questions about your tax bill

Real estate property taxes, also referred to as real property taxes, are a combination of ad valorem taxes (assessed value of your real estate) and non-ad valorem taxes (services or infrastructure that affect your property).

The Property Appraiser is responsible for determining the value of all property within the county, as well as any exemptions.

Taxing Authorities, like the Board of County Commissioners, School District and Water Management District, adopt a budget and levy millage rates to fund the budget. That millage rate is applied to the taxable value of your property. Taxing Authorities also determine the cost of non-ad valorem assessments like fire services and solid waste services etc.

The Tax Collector is responsible for printing, mailing and collecting tax payments after the Property Appraiser and the Taxing Authorities certify the tax roll.

Now that you know who does what, here is a breakdown of who you should contact if you have questions about your 2022 Property Tax bill. Please make sure to read through all of the information to ensure you are contacting the agency that can best assist you.

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