Professionals and contractors


Any person applying for or renewing a Business Tax Receipt to practice a profession regulated by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), must submit an active state certificate, registration, or license before the Business Tax Receipt will be issued.

If a professional is qualified for more than one profession, a separate state certificate, registration, or license must be submitted for each profession.

Examples of professional licenses: Attorney, CPA, Barber, Engineer, Physician, Private Investigator.

Business Professionals
Professionals and contractors


A qualified contractor who is certified or registered with the state through DPBR will need to submit a copy of their license at time of application or renewal of their Local Business Tax account.

For a contractor to qualify a company, the name of the company and qualifier must be on the state license.

All information on the Business Tax Application must match the state license except for the physical address.

Download the Business Tax Checklist.

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