Trailer Titles and Registrations

Only trailers with a net or empty weight of 2000 lbs. or higher are titled. However, a license plate with a current registration is required for all trailers operated on Florida’s roadways.

If you have purchased a used trailer, under 2,000 lbs. that is currently registered in Florida, you will need to provide a bill of sale or the previous owner’s registration. 

The bill of sale must list the Trailer Identification Number or the trailer’s license plate number.

If you have purchased a used trailer under 2,000 lbs. that the previous owner never registered in Florida, you will need to provide a bill of sale, or an out-of-state title registration signed by the previous owner.

A weight slip must be presented unless the weight is listed on the title or registration.

If the trailer comes from a state that does not title or register trailers, the bill of sale must include the year, make, Trailer Identification Number and the state where the trailer came from.

Trailers weighing 2000 lbs. or more will need to be titled. Trailers weighing over 2000 lbs. with an out-of-state title also requires a VIN verification.

The following items are needed in addition to a completed Application for Certificate of Title:

  • A manufacturer’s certificate of origin, out-of-state title, or Florida title properly completed by the seller, including the name of the purchaser, signature and printed name.
  • A bill of sale or invoice listing the purchase price, sales tax paid, and any trade-in allowance (please note, additional sales tax may be due).
  • Any applicable lienholder information.
  • When transferring a tag or license plate, the current registration or plate and decal number.

Each applicant must sign the application. (If completing an application in our office, each person applying for ownership must be present to sign the title application. A power of attorney can be used for applicants that cannot be present.)

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