Speciality permits


When a business plans to conduct a Going-out-of-Business sale, a permit will be issued for a period of sixty (60) days, including Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. The permit is not transferable and will be displayed near the main entrance of the business.

The following items are required when applying for a Fire Sale or Going-out-of-Business Sale permit:

  • Surrender all other business licenses applicable to the location covered by this application.
  • All tangible property taxes must be paid through the current taxing year. The application fee is $50.00.
Specialty Permits
Pumpkin Vendors


A transient merchant is defined as any person or business, who is a non-permanent resident of Lee County that sells goods, wares, or merchandise from a non-permanent location.

Transient Merchant Permits are only issued at the Downtown Fort Myers Tax Collectors Office.

Examples of transient merchants are Christmas tree vendors, pumpkin vendors, and fireworks sales.

Permits are valid only for the length of time indicated in the Certificate of Use Permit issued by Lee County Community Development.

One Transient Merchant Permit can cover multiple locations when all locations are open for the same length of time on the Certificate of Use Permit.

A Lee County Business Tax Account is required for each location of the business.

  • Account fee $50
  • Transient Merchant Permit $100
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