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Real estate property taxes, also referred to as real property taxes, are a combination of ad valorem taxes (assessed value of your real estate) and non-ad valorem taxes (services or infrastructure that affect your property.)

The Property Appraiser is responsible for determining the value of all property within the county. Exemptions are subtracted from the value to calculate taxable value. The taxable value is then multiplied by the millage rate, set by individual taxing authorities like the Board of County Commissioners, School District and Water Management Districts. That determines your Ad Valorem Tax.

The ad valorem total is then added to the non-ad valorem assessments which are also set by the Taxing Authorities for things like fire services and solid waste services. The combined total determines your annual taxes.

Property Tax calculations
Property taxes

The Tax Collector is responsible for printing, mailing, and collecting tax payments once the Property Appraiser and other local taxing authorities certify the tax roll.

If you have questions on your value or exemptions, you can visit the Property Appraiser’s website or call 239.533.6100.

2022 Property Tax Discounts

Governor’s Executive Order 22-242

Per the order, if your property is completely destroyed or uninhabitable, your taxes are not due until May 31, 2023. Taxes paid in November, December or January will receive a 4% discount, February will be 3%, March will be 2%, and April will be 1%. Per the order, no discounts will be offered during the month of May.

If you do not fall under the Governor’s Executive Order

Taxes paid in November or December will receive a 4% discount, January will be 2% and February will be 1%. Taxes are due on March 31.

When the discount period on current taxes ends on a weekend or holiday, the discount is extended to the next business day.


  1. Visit the 2022 Property Tax page.
  2. Enter your name, address or account number and select your listing.
  3. Click “VIEW” to see your bill.
  4. Select Print (PDF).

If you have not received your tax bill by postal mail, you can view, pay, or print your bill online.

If you have an escrow account with your mortgage provider, you can confirm payment has been made by viewing your account online.

Property Taxes

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