New Florida Resident license

Out-of-State Driver License

If you hold a driver license from another state which has not been expired for more than 12 months, you will not be required to take written or driving skill exams.

You cannot hold a license or ID in two states at once. Obtaining a Florida driver license or ID card will cancel any other state-issued license or ID.

Standard document requirements must be met for all applicants, even if you already hold a Real ID compliant out-of-state driver license. 

Out-of-state CDL holders, please view our commercial driver license page for information on obtaining a CDL in the state of Florida.

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Out-of-Country Driver License

If you are a visitor holding a valid out-of-country license you are not required to obtain a Florida driver license unless you are becoming a permanent Florida resident.

Those who present an out-of-country license for first-time Florida license issuance are exempt from completing the Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (4-hour drug and alcohol) course; however, not all written and driving skill exams are exempted. For clarification on which exams are necessary, please contact us online or call our office at 239.533.6000.

Standard document requirements must be met for all applicants, even if you hold an out-of-country license.

Canadian Driver License

Canadian citizens have the option of retaining their Canadian driver license in addition to a Florida driver license. However, if you choose to retain your Canadian driver license you must take and pass both the written and driving skill exams.

If you choose to surrender your license, all exams will be exempted. View our first-time drivers page for more information on testing requirements.

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