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Excellence, efficiency and enhancing the customer experience

Excellence, efficiency and enhancing the customer experience are what we strive for when we launch a new project or initiative. Over the past year we have been busy implementing programs to better serve you and our community.

New Queuing System – In August we launched a new queuing system in every Lee County service center. Customers can now schedule multiple services with just one appointment. The system’s virtual queuing feature allows customers to check in on their phones and wait where they want while monitoring their place in line. When it’s their turn, customers receive an email or text message notification. The system also captures customer feedback and makes it immediately accessible to our team, allowing them to adjust business processes to optimize customer service.

Customer Printers – This year we installed wireless printers at each service center so if you forget to print a document, you can send it to our printer using your personal device and we will print it for you. No more having to run home to find it!

Smart Lockers – This year we implemented a Smart Locker system where vehicle dealers can drop off and pick up their work 24/7 in a secured lockbox. Worked dropped off by 2 p.m. on a business day will be turned around the next day.

This helps dealers get the documents they need quickly, while freeing up appointment slots so other customers can get their transactions completed as well. – In December 2022 we launched our redesigned website. With the goal of putting customers first, the new site features a cleaner, more modern design with easier navigation and one click access to all services, including paying online.

Edison – Have you met Edison? Edison is our artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot who is available to answer questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No more searching through multiple links to find information, just type your question in the chat and Edison will answer in seconds. The more questions he’s asked, the smarter he gets. Visit him at the bottom of our site – just click the START CHAT button.

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