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What is a TRIM Notice?

August in Florida is known for heat… humidity… and of course, TRIM notices!

TRIM Notices are required to be mailed no later than August 25 to all property owners. But what is a TRIM notice and why is it important?

It’s origin dates back to 1980 when the Florida Legislature passed the Truth in Millage (TRIM) Act. That act required all Property Appraisers to mail property owners a notice of proposed taxes. TRIM notices include information about:

  • The current “Just Value” of your property
  • Approved exemptions
  • The governmental entities responsible for your taxes and
  • The amount you owe each entity based on the value of your property

TRIM notices are mailed after proposed millage rates (tax rates) are set, but before taxing authorities take a final vote. That’s why the notice provides public
hearing dates, as well as contact information for each taxing authority, in case you would like to provide input before a final vote is taken.

TRIM notices are also important because they give you time to ask questions about the value of your property or the exemptions approved for the property.
They also provide information on how to appeal the property’s value or a denial of exemption. Questions related to property values and exemptions on TRIM
notices should be directed to the Property Appraiser.

Something else that’s very important? TRIM notices are NOT A BILL. Every year we get people coming into our offices to try and pay their TRIM notice. These
are for information only; nothing needs to be paid until you receive your official tax bill which is mailed in late October.

And speaking of Tax Bills, your tax bill will not match your TRIM notice. In most cases your tax bill will be higher. That’s because TRIM notices do NOT include
Non-Ad Valorem taxes, which are assessments based on services (not property values) provided to you. Examples include stormwater or solid waste
assessments. Thus, your TRIM notice will never match your tax bill because your tax bill will include those assessments.

So, when you receive your TRIM notice from the Property Appraiser, please open it and read it carefully. I hope this information is helpful and explains why
TRIM notices are important and how they differ from your tax bill.

Thank you for allowing me and my team to serve you. It is an honor.

Noelle Branning
Lee County Tax Collector

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