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Property Tax Questions? Here’s who to call.

Pop Quiz: If you have a question about the value of your home or land, who should you call: the Property Appraiser or the Tax Collector?

As your Tax Collector, I get that question all the time. To be fair, our system can be confusing, especially when many people come from other states where the Tax Collector and Property Appraiser are the same person.

In Florida however, the Constitution establishes two different elected positions to work with levying authorities (i.e. the County Commission, City Councils or School District), to comprise our Property Tax System.

It’s like three legs of a stool.

The Property Appraiser values properties and prepares and certifies the tax roll (including assessed values, exemptions, legal description, assessed owners’ names and mailing addresses).

The Levying Authorities establish millage rates and other assessments based on revenue needed to operate.

The Tax Collector receives all that information and prints and mails the tax bills, collects payment, and distributes the funds to our local governments and levying authorities.

While we all work together to make Lee County the best place to live, work and play, each of us plays a distinct role in the system; making the answer to our Pop Quiz question: The Property Appraiser.

For more information about each of our offices and who to contact with frequently asked questions, we’ve created the following chart:

We also have this printable handout which also helps explain the responsibilities of each office.

I hope this de-mystifies the process a bit and helps save you time by knowing who to contact with questions.

Thank you for allowing me and my team to assist you. It is an honor.

Noelle Branning
Lee County Tax Collector

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